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Lt. Connie Murphy
23 January 2011 @ 10:17 am
A Little Personal Info...
Name or Alias: Moose
AIM: PM for


Now Some Character Info...
Character Name: Lt. Connie Murphy
Race: Human

History: Murphy grew up on Chicago’s South side. Her father was a Chicago police officer and her mother a homemaker. When she was 12 her mother left her father and the two divorced. Murphy ended up living with her father, though she spent most of her time with her grandmother due to her father’s workaholic nature. At 15 her grandmother passed away and she was left mostly on her own. She rebelled a little, wanting her father’s attention but it didn’t really work. When she was 17, she saved her father’s life when he had a heart attack. Still, her father kept right on working and she decided to get her father’s attention another way.

Right after college, Murphy joined the CPD. She turned out to be a cop just like her dad, dedicated to her job and working long hours. She did meet a lawyer in the Mayor’s office and married him after a year of dating. Shortly after they were married, Murphy got pregnant and they had a daughter, Anna. Yet, the marriage fell apart because of the time Murphy spent at work and not at home. She got the house and her ex-husband got custody of their daughter.

One day, Murphy had a case she couldn’t solve. It was clearly supernatural but it wasn’t angelic. She turned to local “wizard” Harry Dresden for help. He helped solved the case, but there was no way to arrest the real perp but it gave Murphy a reputation for being willing to take on the supernatural with the law. This led to trouble. During an investigation into a “closed” case, Murphy was attacked by the spirit of a criminal who had found a way to jump into other people’s bodies. He took her over and possessed her, but Harry found a way to free her. Still, the damage was done, leaving Murphy with night terrors and sense of being off.

She couldn’t get her feet back under her and left the police department. Her reputation however got her a job with the government. She now works for the angel investigations, inspecting auction houses, checking on licenses, and investigating the black market angel trade. She’s still a nose to the grindstone investigator.
Lt. Connie Murphy
22 January 2011 @ 01:36 pm
Time To Cuddle
Lt. Connie Murphy
06 January 2011 @ 08:11 am

my thread
Lt. Connie Murphy
23 December 2010 @ 08:55 am
Title: Walking Daydream
Characters: Lt. Connie Murphy, Marlon Brando
Rating: G
Pairings: Marlon/Murphy
Author’s Notes: The city of Chicago is a really pretty place around Christmas, especially Michigan Avenue. I thought back to the holiday seasons I’ve spent there in writing this. Cold toes are inevitable.


Her toes were cold. Murphy didn’t say anything about it, but about two blocks ago the chill finally got through her boots and wool socks and settled firmly around her toes. She had lived in Chicago her whole life and been through every type of winter but she never adjusted. Her toes always ended up being cold no matter what sort of boots she wore or how tick her socks were. She had the same problem with her hands, but that was lessened today by Marlon’s hand wrapped firmly around hers.

Marlon squeezed her hand, “You’ve got that look on your face, babe.”

“What look?” she asked.

“Like you’re going to shoot the snow.”

She rolled her eyes. Marlon shifted his grip, putting his arm around her shoulders and walking a little closer to her. It didn’t do a damn thing for her toes, but the warmth in her chest was nice.

“It’s not that bad,” she said, trying to reassure him. She was actually enjoying herself even with the cold. “Besides, I left my gun at home.”

“What a trooper. Come on, I see a Starbucks.” He turned them through the crowd and towards the coffee shop.

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