Lt. Connie Murphy (lieu_murphy) wrote,
Lt. Connie Murphy

Coffee Addict For: doctorhousemd

Why was a coffee shop crowded at two in the afternoon? Murphy had no idea but the wait was getting under her skin. She had to be in court in half an hour, had a suspect stewing in holding and now that the weather was warming up more murders to solve. She just wanted a coffee to get her through the rest of the day, that was all. Instead she was stuck milling around with the rest of the waiting crowd.

This was not the way she wanted to spend her afternoon, but she really needed coffee that tasted like coffee and not engine oil like the coffee at the station. She shoulder her way around, bumping into someone when another waiting customer wouldn’t move.

She glanced up at the guy, “Sorry.”
Tags: [role play], [who] greg house
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