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Lt. Connie Murphy
18 July 1973
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Lieutenant Connie Murphy
Case File

Name: Lieutenant Constanza Murphy
Nicknames: Connie, Murphy, Murph, Boss
Age: 36
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Lieutenant in the 27th Precinct, Homicide Division, Chicago Police Department
Badge Number: 3863
Contact Information: Here.
Background Check

History: Lieutenant Connie Murphy is a typical Chicago police officer, tough and no-nonsense with one exception. She hires a wizard.

When there’s an unusual case or something just plain spooky, Murphy will call on Chicago’s only wizard and private investigator, Harry Dresden, to help. Her partner, Detective Sid Kirmani, is continually skeptical of Dresden’s abilities and motives. So is Murphy, but she knows that Dresden helps her close cases and that is what matters in the end.

Her personal life is a little less clear cut. She’s divorced with a young daughter, Anna, who lives mostly with her father due to Murphy’s long hours. Her relationship with her father is even rockier due to a strained childhood but he lives in Florida and the two usually avoid each other.

What she wants out of life is to close cases, spend time with her daughter and make it out alive.
Psychological Profile

Personality: Driven, dedicated and cynical, Murphy takes her job and life seriously. She has a black and white view on crime but is willing to bend the rules and cover for Harry when she has to. Her job comes first, over her personal life and friendships which can cause a lot of strain on her and those close to her.

Outside of work, however, Murphy can be very warm and friendly. She’s loyal to the friends she has and loving, especially towards her daughter. Her sarcastic sense of humor and quick wit round out the lighter side of her personality.

Yet, her dark side can be very dark. She is on anti-depressants for night terrors and insomnia from experiences on the job. Her temper can be very short, especially when she’s frustrated. She is often not the easiest person in the world to get along with.
Personal Contacts

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Role Play History

The Story So Far: Through roleplay, Murphy’s world has expanding considerable.

The most important change: Murphy now knows and believes in the existence of magic and the supernatural. After being attacked by something she couldn’t pass off as normal, she confronted Harry about what she’d seen. Unable to hide, deny or protect Murphy from his world any longer, Harry worked a spell in front of her and she was forced to accept the reality of his world. Now Harry and Bob are both trying to educate her about all things magical.

For a short time, Murphy had nothing unusual going on. This peace lasted until she met a man named Vincent. He took a special interest in her while she suspected something was not quite right. It all took an ugly turn when her temper got the better of her and she broke his nose. In retaliation he held her at knife point and carved an R into her back. After a few months of investigation, Murphy discovered that Vincent was actually a serial killer named Robert. It all came to a end when Vincent tried to strangle Murphy. While trying to defend herself she got his knife and stabbed him to death. The act haunts her to this day, even though Robert was raised from the dead.

These days, Murphy continues to work in Homicide and finds herself more and more tangled up in Harry's quixotic crusades.

[This is Murphy’s canon verse. For a full description of Murphy’s various role-playing universes, check this post]
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